Taken By the Night (2015)

Presented as part of an immersive dance installation by Andrea Nann and Dreamwalker Dance Co. Music by Joshua Van Tassel.

VideoEx Festival (2012)

Performance at VideoEx Festival, Zürich, With music by Fred Frith.

Shostakovich - Notes in Silence (2007)

Live performance with Andrea Nann, Dreamwalker Dance Company, performed at The Enwave Theatre, Toronto.

Vox Ballanae (2007)

Performing together with the Art of Time Ensemble, Peter Mettler's live image mix composition combined with George Crumb's composition of Vox Ballanae, at The Enwave Theatre, Toronto.

La Corbière (2007)

An improvised performance which took place at La Corbière - Laboratoire Village Nomade, Switzerland.

In The Mix Festival (2007)

Excerpt from live improvised mix with Tom Kuo (DJ) and Anne Bourne (Cello/Vocals) at In The Mix Festival, Toronto.