Gambling, Gods And LSD

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Gambling, Gods And LSD


DVD - Gambling, Gods And LSD - 2012

A filmmaker’s inquiry into transcendence becomes a three-hour trip across countries and cultures, interconnecting people, places and times. From Toronto, the scene of his childhood, Peter Mettler sets out on a journey that includes evangelism at the airport strip, demolition in Las Vegas, tracings in the Nevada desert, chemistry and street life in Switzerland, and the coexistence of technology and divinity in contemporary India. Everywhere along the way, the same themes are to be found: thrill-seeking, luck, destiny, belief, expanding perception, the craving for security in an uncertain world. Fact joins with fantasy; the search for meaning and the search for ecstasy begin to merge. 

GAMBLING, GODS AND LSD | 2001 | 3h 00min.
Special features include: excerpts from other Mettler films, articles and a photo gallery. 
Subtitles in French & German. 

Gambling, Gods and LSD is now available through iTunes Canada.

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