Since the completion of the long filmic journey of 'Gambling, Gods and LSD', Peter Mettler has been using raw material from that film and from virtually unlimited other sources to create mixes of image and sound via live improvisation. This 'instant' editing system often produces surprising new narrative or lyric constructions and associations, freeing the images from their original contexts. 

Together with a musician or DJ, a responsive, improvised musical/visual dialogue emerges, creating for the spectator, a one of a kind ‘live cinema’ (and sometimes dance) experience.

A new form emerges for image/sound composition – in direct response to material running from a variety of digital and analog sources, spontaneously cutting and superimposing, creating a one time only filmic viewing event. 

This brings the normally extended and encumbered process of making a film closer to the processes of live theatre or music improvisation, where the conditions of the moment highly influence the presentation. 

With an obvious strong kinship to musical improvisation, Mettler has previously performed together with master guitarist Fred Frith as well as Martin Schuetz, Jacob Kirkegaard, Lucas Niggli and The Evergreen Gamelan Ensemble. 

Performances have also been held in festival and dance environments in Zurich, Rotterdam, Copenhagen, Buenos Aries, and Toronto together with various DJs and electronic musicians including Franz Treichler, Jeremy Narby,  Sebastian Mullaert,  Paul Frehner, John Oswald, Phantom Love, Fred Frith, Murcof, Monolake, Sven Vath, Marc Weiser/Rechenzentrum, Telefunk, Tom Kuo, Adam Marshall, Prinzessin in Not, Bang Goes, Greg Hermanovic/Derivative, the Toronto Symphony Orchestra and many more.

For the last 12 years, Mettler has been involved in the development of a new performance mixing software with Greg Hermanovic, Derivative Inc, Toronto. This state of the art TouchDesigner software enables a multitude of manipulations upon four channels of moving image and sound, spontaneously chosen from a large bank of sources.