Live image mix by Peter Mettler, with Greg Hermanovic, Elysha Poirer, Lester Alfonso

Music by Evergreen Gamelan Ensemble, Murcof, Marc Weiser, Martin Schutz, Adam Marshall, Tom Kuo, Telefunk Sound System

At the Toronto International Film Festival, Berkeley Church, Toronto, 2006

As part of the TIFF “Canadian Spotlight” retrospective on the films of Peter Mettler, a special event entitled Elsewhere was hosted at the Berkeley Church in Toronto featuring an evening of live musical performances paired with image mixing. The night began with a performance of traditional Balinese gamelan music to accompany a projection of Mettler’s Balifilm (1997). Following this, a series of electronic live PA sets – from Martin Shutz to Murcof, Marc Weiser, Adam Marshall, Tom Kuo, and Telefunk Sound System – led a gradual progression into techno, accompanied by an eight-hour long improvised image mix session led Peter and with support from Greg Hermanovic (Derivative Inc.), Elysha Poirer, and Lester Alfonso. These visual artists worked together to create a seamlessly fluid immersive expanded cinema experience that kept audiences captivated late into the night.