From the Vortex Perspective

Images by Peter Mettler, music composed by Paul Frehner

Commissioned by the Toronto Symphony Orchestra for New Creations Festival


From the Vortex Perspective is a commissioned piece for live cinema and orchestra derived through a cyclical exchange of musical and visual propositions between composer Paul Frehner and filmmaker Peter Mettler. The notion of rotation around an axis is at the heart of the work, both in reference to the process of its creation as well as in its thematic and musical content. Notions of humanity’s relationship to cycles, orbits and tides are implied through a variety of contexts, from experiential and environmental, to scientific and mystic.

As the conductor and orchestra interpret the music from Frehner’s score, so does Mettler perform the edits, mixes and combinations of cinematic sound and imagery, live to the music, projecting onto three different screens. Every rendering of the piece reveals a different combination and chemistry of image and orchestral performance.

From the Vortex Perspective (2016), 1 minute excerpt