Escuela Internacional de Cine y Television

November 11-29, 2019

Invited by Jean Perret

To go faraway and film close to.

To discover a territory and discover yourself.

To observe everyday life and tell true stories.

At the heart of the movie gesture, from the shot to the narrative.

The Cuban cinema school Escuela Internacional de Cine y Television (http://www.eictv.org/) has invited Peter Mettler to teach an extended workshop from November 11-29, 2019. Enrollment is open for anyone. Visit EICTV’s website for details.

If you create, or want to create, beyond established and compartmentalized academic genres, if you have made one or many films: come with your experiences and projects, join this realization workshop piloted by Peter Mettler, whose exciting work is widely recognized internationally. In collaboration with Jean Perret, responsible for this Gran Taller/Great Workshop, and Jorge Yglesias, head of the Master of Alternative Cinema of the International School of Film and Television (EICTV) of San Antonio de los Baños, Cuba. Three weeks to explore a region in a Caribbean country, and make a movie.

Peter Mettler, Canadian and Swiss, from Toronto and Appenzell, travels, observes, questions, invents stories of initiation into the truths and beliefs of the world; he creates meditation fields open to unsuspected horizons, builds time spaces to which only cinema can give consistency, meets people who become endearing characters. Creature of integral cinema — he deals with image, sound, editing, mixing and music, Peter Mettler will also come to EICTV with his equipment and mixer, to introduce the universe of VJing.

Peter Mettler comes from the independent and experimental film scene of the Toronto of the 80s — Scissere (1982), Eastern Avenue (1985) — and he practices fiction — The Top of His Head (1989), Tectonic Plates (1992). Since the early 1990s, he has shot his famous great travel films — Picture of Light (1994), an extraordinary journey to the north of Canada, Balifilm (1996), an impressive dialogue between image and music, the famous Gambling, Gods and LSD (2002) and The End Of Time (2012), a journey of exemplary visual and sound intensity that shares the experience of movement in space and time. Devoted to geographical and imaginary territories, Mettler is interested in the relationships between man and animal — Becoming Animal (2018), co-directed with Emma Davie — and in nature torn between paradise and destruction — Petropolis (2009).

Peter Mettler embodies what contemporary cinema loves to be, a trajectory of discovery in which the shot is the very foundation of creation.

After the exploration of Peter Mettler's work, each participant will be invited to make a short film by drawing a personal and unique path. Research, filming, editing: at every stage, dialogues, visions, personalized advice, monitoring of the works until the end.

“Peter Mettler's film essay is one of those who return to the world its obvious complexity, its irreducible alterity. With his viewer, he builds first times’ with the demiurgic ambition of the stubborn artist-artisan he is. Fascinating, inspiring, positively scandalous images that build a poetic and political experience of our awareness of the time of life that passes. ” (Jean Perret)

PARTICIPANTS: Graduates or students of artistic careers, audiovisual professionals or artists of any age from any country.

DURATION AND DATES: 3 weeks, from November 11 to 29, 2019.

NUMBER OF STUDENTS: A maximum of 25 students of any nationality.

WORKSHOP LANGUAGE: English, with Spanish translation.

APPLICATIONS: Application reception expiring date: October 20, 2019. Communication of results: October 23, 2019.

COST: 2500 Euros. Pre-registration: € 500, before October 25, 2019. Payment for the rest of the workshop November 11, 2019.

CONTACT: mettlereictv@gmail.com

More info available here.