Set of translucent Fujiflex 16” x 20” colour prints, mounted in custom lightboxes. Editions of 3.


te-le-div-in-i-try (télidivinitri) n. the activity of divining meaning, thoughts, or ideas via a recording device such as film, video, or sound recorder // sensing and transmitting over long distances that which is perceived as divine

Recently I completed a film entitled Gambling, Gods and LSD. The opening credit sequence of that film is representative of certain processes I undertook while making it – likened to a kind of collecting or divining, in the sense of one who looks for water underground. The invented name for that visualization is ‘Teledivinitry’ – a name created by taking the meanings of several words and combining them.

The prints on display here are derived from that opening sequence, which sources a pool of many thousands of images. These images come from everywhere – from the film itself, as well as from hundreds of typical television and film broadcasts. Through a process of layering, the original images become individually indiscernible, giving way to a new type of visual interpretation.

The original clarity of representation is decayed, rendering an impression in which the ghosts of our future-past haunt a palimpsest of colour and bitmaps, glimmering as our collective unconscious - like archeological findings from a digital age.

The images are best viewed from varied distances. As one steps back, different shapes and figures will appear through the shifting perceivable resolutions.


S.A.W. Gallery, Ottawa, 2004.

Greener Pastures Contemporary Art, Toronto, 2006.

Lennox Gallery, Toronto, 2006

“Mise en Scène,” group show at O’Born Contemporary Gallery, Toronto, 2008.

Planete + Doc Festival, Wroclaw, Poland, 2013.

“Dual Light,” Harbourfront Centre Theatre, 2017.

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