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New installation at Bildrausch – Filmfest Basel

“A long time ago, when I was still a teenager, I snuck into the Oracle of Delphi at night with two friends, to sleep in the open air on the ancient stones. The next morning, my friends found out that they had dreamt the same images: an excessive bacchanalian procession of our ancestors. I, on the other hand, could not remember anything... Maybe this is why I, for decades, have been searching for the signs and the essence of our future in the intoxication of images and sounds – the ones I create myself and the ones that surround us and affect us.”

For Bildrausch – Filmfest Basel, Peter Mettler has crafted a new installation, entitled The Oracle, that channels his search for true and profound images. This work will be projected onto the ceiling of Stadtkino Basel for the next year, inviting viewers to enjoy a sensorial and pictorial ecstasy.

Bildrausch – Filmfest Basel – Basel, Switzerland

Opening: Thursday June 20th at 20:45 Stadtkino-Bar

For more information, visit Bildrausch – Filmfest Basel’s website.


Upcoming screenings of Becoming Animal

Upcoming screenings of Becoming Animal

Art Cinema Ponrepo, Agosto Foundation, Prague, Czech Republic – May 15, 2019.

Seoul Eco Film Festival, South Korea – May 23–29, 2019.

9Ecofest International Ecology Film Festival, Bucharest – May 2019.

Human Rights Nights, Bologna, Italy – June 2, 2019.

Becoming Animal at Göteborg Film Festival 2019

Göteborg, Sweden

Becoming Animal screens at the 41st Göteborg Film Festival, the largest film festival in Nordic Europe, with three screenings this January. Peter will be in attendance on the 30th and 31st! Visit the festival’s website for tickets and more information.

"Becoming Animal challenges our world of thought in an attempt to bridge the mental barrier between man and environment. Is it possible to experience a perspective where man is not in the center, but where we meet animals and nature around us at the same level? What role do language and modern technology play in such an attempt? [...] Perhaps a radical transformation of our perception is what is needed if the current destructive development is to be heeded?" - Tobias Åkesson